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Brick cladding tiles with stone corner cladding Quoin stones

Specification: Clad the walls with brick tiles cut from 65mm bricks, apply and fix solid piece corner-stones to provide castle quoin effect

The render on this detached bungalow was looking a little tired. Like most renders, after a few years, it was in need of repairs and was also dirty. It was also soiled with lichen and algae from nearby trees. The render was repaired, all loose was hacked off and made good, it was washed down and disinfected before being meshed.

A new polymer base coat was added allowing for real brick tiles cut from full bricks to be bonded to the surface. Brick used Hathaway Brindle 65mm cut into 22mmm thick slips.

This brick used for the cladding was double-faced this enabled us to get two brick tiles from each brick. Although you can only get one corner brick slip or tile from a brick when cutting them. The full brick cladding corner pieces were also cut from the same brick, these needed around the window reveals all the other corners of the main house were cladded with the precast cornerstones.

We are also able to supply natural stone castle stones We also cladded the corners with pre-cast quoins which are also known as castle stones. We can also source most bricks for cutting into brick slips or we can buy in the brick cladding ready-made in a 15mm thickness. All the brick materials we use for cladding are frost proof,  some brick slip tiles can be as thin as 7mm but we wouldn’t recommend using them for external applications.