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A Few of our restoration projects

Cleaning to all coloured renders such as K Rend. Repairs to coloured render. Full range of renders modern and traditional. Brick Cladding with large choice of brick styles
After the removal of defective wall finishes Back2Brick are able to restore your home with the most suitable materials such as lime render or lime pointing.

For those who want a real brick finish on their home, we can also re-face walls with real brick cladding

Back2Brick can provide a solution to what can sometimes be considered to be an insurmountable problem.

Having the outside walls of any home restored whether a mid-terrace or a grade 11 listed mansion, it’s a big decision. We are passionate about our work and really do care about the houses we work on

Why not have an expert on your side before you embark on your renovation project?

Spray on Coating Render Removal

Spray on coatings and renders can damage old houses. Often sold as a cure for damp and tired weathered pointing, plastic type spray on render and coatings can exacerbate damp problems with solid walls. If you are looking for a render removal specialists then you have...

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Should I use cement pointing or lime ?

  Cement Pointing-Rendering The risks of using cement materials on old period houses Below you will see some pictures of the irreparable damage that sand & cement (concrete) materials can do to old solid walls (stone or brick) Pointing or rendering materials that...

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Lime render and pointing after cladding removed

Lime render and Lime pointing with stone cleaning to a solid wall stone house What can be done with the walls once cladding has been taken off? Is it possible to clean stone-work or will the walls need a new finish? Using a range of historic lime finishes we can...

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Brick cladding and corner stones fitted

Brick cladding tiles with stone corner cladding Quoin stones Specification: Clad the walls with brick tiles cut from 65mm bricks, apply and fix solid piece corner-stones to provide castle quoin effect The render on this detached bungalow was looking a little tired....

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Paint removal cleaning bricks

Paint removal from brick & Acid brick wash  Before we could remove the paint from this brick house and acid clean a survey was arranged to test the best paint cleaning method. If you are considering cleaning paint from bricks and acid cleaning brickwork then please...

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Stone Cladding Removal London House

Stone cladded Victorian House Shepherds Bush. This type of cladding reduces the value of properties by a huge amount you will see the damage to the original bricks once the cladding has been taken off

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Brick tiles for cladding

Pebbledash and stone cladding removal. Here we remove pebble dash and render along with stone cladding from the front of the semi.
The stone cladding was causing damp problems and the pebble dash was blown and loose.

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Tyrolean Render

A popular product to apply when building properties in the sixties and the seventies was a tyrolean type of render, it was easy to apply and saved money by replacing any brick or stonework. Unfortunately it inevitably fails as water eventually gets behind it and during the winter frosts is loosened by the expanding ice.

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Insulated Brick-Tile Cladding

This property is of PRC construction (Pre Cast Concrete) in an effort to ease the shortage of housing in the late 40s and early 50s thousands of these properties were built all over the UK . Of modular design many different types were built such as Livett Cartwright, Wimpey , Wates, etc.
Although most types of these houses qualify for main lenders mortgages’ they can be very cold and look a bit drab. With our insulated brick cladding system we are able to transform them into attractive houses and at the same time substantially improve the U values.

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Brick cladding facelift to detached house

This detached house was treated to a brick cladding facelift The old brick work didn’t match the bricks on the extension and the tiles on the apex section were looking a bit drab. The homeowner even tried hiding the brickwork with ivy but got fed up of the invasive...

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From cladding to brick

Another ugly duckling restored. This property is in North London, the owner contacted us to seek advice in the removal and cleaning of the building. As you can see from the pictures the state of the brick work once the cladding was removed meant that the cleaning of the brick work was impossible……

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Render Removal Stone Cottage

Removing render from an old stone cottage. Here we carefully take off concrete render that was causing damp to this very old stone cottage. Concrete renders (sand and cement render) do not perform well on damp solid walls and can cause some serious damage

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Stone Cladding problems

Stone cladding removed from this late Victorian period terrace home Manchester area. Ugly stone cladding was removed from the brickwork. As to be expected when removing stone cladding some damage to the bricks will occur.
Once the brickwork was cleaned it was refaced in the brick cladding. The brick slips were cut from imperial reclaimed Accrington brick a perfect match

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Brick Cladding-Insulated

Insulated Brick cladding. Here we remove wood cladding and replace it with insulated brick cladding. 50mm Insulation K5 boards were fixed then cladding in 22mm thick brick tiles cut down from imperial bricks

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