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Tyrolean Render section on 1970’2 house

What is Tyrloean Render

Tyrolean render has been a very common finish over the last few decades. In part due to its relatively cheap cost and the ability to cover up defects due to its texture. The texture of this render can be varied by using different techniques such as applying the render mixture closer to the wall, by slowing down the rate of the delivery of the mixture and its thickness. Tyrolean render gets its name from the Tyro name place in the Alps Austria where these types of renders are a common finish, being textured renders such as Tyrolean are able to cope well with severe weather. Tyrolean render is  also know as an Alpine Render

Tyrolean render  is a pre-coloured cement based render which is normally applied to backing render coats. We have seen it applied directly to brick work, (and cast iron rain water pipes) which is not good practice. Nowadays Tyrolean render is not a very common finish, having been replaced with more modern through coloured render finishes such as K rend Sto, Weberpral Parex etc.

Just like Tyrolean, modern renders can also be applied in the same kind of textured finishes using spray equipment or they can be scraped. Modern through coloured renders should not be sponged or the dye will leach out of the render causing discolouration.

On This project we removed the render & and re-faced the wall with a finish of 25mm thick natural hand dressed stone.