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Stone Cladding Removal London house

Thousands of London homes were treated with stone cladding and pebbledash in the eighties

We have removed stone cladding and pebble-dash from many London houses.

A brick cladding system using e-claimed London bricks  was considered by the homeowner but due to the costs involved with brick cladding and the customer’s intention of selling the house a more cost-effective method of restoring the exterior wall was considered.

After the stone cladding removal stage, this fine house was treated with a finish of self-coloured lime render

Look at the pictures below and you will see the state of the brickwork once the stone cladding was removed.

We do get asked about the potential damage to brickwork that the removal of stone cladding and pebbledash is likely to cause and the fact is yes the brickwork will suffer some damage

The process of  removing stone cladding  and the adhesive used usually damages the bricks, making the restoration of the brick unfeasible

After the cladding was removed we cleaned the walls, it was then rendered in self-coloured lime render St Astier Natural Hydraulic Lime render 3.5 strength

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