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Brick tiles & self-coloured render K Rend

Brick Tiles & corner brick slips cut from full bricks with expert installation service.

Here we remove pebble dash and stone cladding. The pebble dash was hollow and falling off the wall, cracks had also appeared in the pebbledash render backing coats, allowing water ingress. The stone cladding didn’t make this the best looking house on the street.

Once stone cladding and pebble dash finishes have been removed the walls usually suffer from surface damage,  making them unsuitable for cleaning such as brick sandblasting. The face of the bricks are usually damaged to such a degree that another exterior wall renovation approach has to be undertaken.

We can source most brick and get them cut into brick tiles or brick slips as they are also known

The brick tile cladding was fixed to this house once we removed the pebble dash and stone claddingIt was faced with thin bricks to the front only with a wrap-around on the corner. A new coloured render finish called K rend was applied to the rest of the walls Although the stone cladding and pebble dash looked solid it was hollow and in some places actually falling off. Damp was getting trapped between the render and the walls.

When the pebble dash and stone cladding was taken off we discovered another layer of material hiding under the render. This was a coat of resin-based textured coating. This textured coating also had to be removed with chemicals and hot water jetting.

The brick cladding used in this project was a cut down imperial Tyrone brick slip, fixed to a stainless steel brick carrier system. The bricks were also sliced into full piece corner brick cladding tiles for the reveals and the corner

The side and the rear elevations were rendered in a 15mm thick mesh reinforced anti-cracks self-coloured render called K Rend FT

The FT version of K Rend has a silicone additive to help repel water and is supposed to keep the render a little cleaner.

If you have a house with pebble dash or stone cladding on the walls we can help with the removal of it. We often get asked if its possible to render or paint over pebble dash, if it is solid enough it may be possible. To find out what the options are why not contact us for a survey? We can test the pebble dash render and other wall finishes to see if they can be repaired or if they need removing